Mother Teresa was a Cunt.

I remember someone telling me about Mother Teresa being, surprisingly, something of a bitch. She lied frequently about her own achievements and allowed sick people to die, often when they could have been saved by medicine, because she wanted them to go with God. After converting to Christianity, of course.
I forgot most of what he said so today I did some refresher work and it turns out that she did all of that and a whole lot more.
Mother Teresa wasn’t a bitch. In fact, she was a very nice lady.
However, she was probably a sociopath.
And definitely a cunt.

This is a letter submitted by Aroup Chatterjee before the committee for beatification/canonization of Mother Teresa February 1998. In it, she goes into great detail about many of the contradictions between what Mother Teresa claimed she did and what she actually accomplished.

This article is zoomed in a little more in comparison with the above link and is definitely an easier read.

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