A Surreal Conflict

Dennis Turley. You suck.

You are bitter, resentful, judgmental, irresponsible, manipulative and narcissistic… but I’m pretty sure I’m starting this off way too strong.

While I admit that I can’t completely sustain the assertions above with the conversation I’m about to post below, I think for the insightful and intelligent reader it will be able to paint a telling picture. This obviously will only matter to you if you know Surreal Love, especially if you operate with him on anything that resembles a business deal or that involves money.
Previously, I have been part of a group conversation where his financial intentions were called into question quite publicly among dozens of people in a chat he created and invited those same people to. I have chosen not to add that conversation because I did not initiate that argument and had no previous knowledge of the incident nor previously placed loyalty to either party. However, since that group conversation, he’s been exceedingly pushy about me promoting his party and his messages always carry a tone of guilt-inducing, woe-is-me disappointment that gets on my nerves a bit and so you’ll see this escalate rather quickly because of that.

This is the conversation I’ve just had with him. Even as I type this blog post, he is typing his next message to me, regardless of the fact that I’ve not responded to the past two.
In a lot of ways, this is as much a way for me to vent as it is a kind of public outing.


He wonders why he’s “heard nothing” from me. Shit, was I supposed to be checking in? Are the lights on outside already?!


“oh thanks” Well shucks; doesn’t look like posting about my rope dart performance on my rope dart page was what he had in mind. Stupid Adam.


So, here’s where I decide that I know where this is going and I’m not going to waste any time on pleasantries and passive aggressive displays of false etiquette.


Now I’ve done something wrong by attempting to generate excitement for the first event I’ve ever been completely responsible for. For the record, this thing has been equal parts time-consuming, enthralling and terrifying. I don’t see how bartending and rope darting for free at his party (located hours away from me) is as important to me as my event should be. Nor can I imagine why any non-narcissist would expect it to be.Also, for fun, He says he’s seen nothing about how I’m “performing at the Fantasy Voyage.” … So then I guess he’s never been to my Rope Dart page. Lol, hypocrisy is fun.
(BTW, you can find that page at https://www.facebook.com/AdamDavisRopeDartist) 😉 


Here I appeal to his ability to stop, relax and rethink. Haha. Stupid Adam strikes again!


Aaaaaand I’m done.


Fine, I guess I wasn’t done.
But NOW I’m really done.


And that’s where he’s left it.

Is it just me? Or is Dennis Turley looking me in the eye and politely shaking my hand while trying to dry-fuck my ass and then having the nerve to get mad because I’m not saying “Thanks?”

What do you think?

I think people should stay the hell away from Surreal Love.


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